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You know you're getting something special when the prices for our services are much lower than you expected. That means you're saving enough to treat yourself again soon with another appointment. Prices subject to change.

Pricing for our massage therapy and other services

  • 30 minutes $35

  • 60 minutes $60

  • 90 minutes $80

  • 60 minute stone massage $70

  • Herbal wraps $55 + tax                                                                  

  • Reflexology  $40

  • On-site chair massage $80/hour

  • Hot packs

  • Steam bath                                                                                                        

On-site chair massage

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Soma Health Center of Cedar Rapids, IA

If you have any questions about our products or massage services, please call us today:

Soma Health Center is proud to bring you a great line of health and body products, but you should also take advantage of our professional massage therapy services.


Enjoy our various relaxing and therapeutic massages: Swedish, deep tissue, sports, pregnancy, lymphatic, hot stone, reflexology, and herbal wraps.

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Prices subject to change 

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